It is a condition of enrolment that you are aware and familiar with the school policies and its rules; all of these will be explained to you during orientation.  They all are very important and all students and staff must comply with them. 

Fee Protection

Aspiring Language Institute has signed up with the Public Trust as a student fee protection scheme supplier which was approved by NZQA and follows their policy.

Classroom Rules

All students are expected to follow Aspiring’s classroom rules as below:

  1. Be on time
    You are expected to arrive on time, failing to do so may affect your attendance; plan your trip ahead to avoid inconveniences 
  2. English only
    You are here to learn English so practise as much as you can
  3. No mobile phone
    You can use your phone as a dictionary; however, avoid using it to text or call your friends or to check your social media while you are in the class 
  4. Clean up your mess
    Keeping your space clean at school is very important for everyone here at Aspiring; do not expect that someone will clean after you, rubbish bins are placed in all classrooms so please use them
Attendance and Disciplinary Rules

You are expected to attend all lessons and to be on time.

You must comply with the conditions of your permit to stay in New Zealand.

If you are persistently absent from school without a valid reason, or if your behaviour is detrimental to the Institute, to the homestay or to other students, you will receive a series of warnings, which may lead to the termination of your enrolment if there is no improvement.

Aspiring Language Institute reserves the right to expel any student who breaks New Zealand law or the school guide rules, including persistent unexplained absence. We will not refund fees in the case of expulsion, and will notify the Immigration New Zealand about the expulsion.

Disciplinary Rules:
  1. You should familiarize yourself with the laws in particular regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and sale and use of drugs. You cannot use drugs or alcohol on the premises during course hours, or come to class under the influence of drug or alcohol.

  2. We expect students to respect Aspiring, your tutors and your fellow students and behave in a responsible way at all times. Do not cause harm (being mental or physical) to any member of staff or other students while attending the course.

  3. Usage of mobile phones and tablets is prohibited during lesson time (except for use as a dictionary). Your tutor may ask you to leave the classroom if you ignore their warnings and continuously use them.

  4. We expect you to interact appropriately with every person on this campus. Violence or harassment of any person on or off campus is unacceptable. Some examples of unacceptable behaviour and harassment are provided below:

  • You must not use foul, obscene or abusive language at Aspiring.

  • You must not smoke on campus except in designated areas.

  • You are not allowed to have alcohol or illegal drugs while at Aspiring.

Similarly, of you do not follow the guidelines for computer use, you will be warned, suspended or expelled, depending on the seriousness of what you did.

If you break a New Zealand law, expulsion will be immediate.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy
Before the course commencement date:

Students who cancel their course before its commencement date will be refunded  the tuition fee in full.   The application fee and accommodation administration fee will not be refunded.
 If the school has already organised the insurance for the student, the insurance fee is also not refundable.

After the course commencement date:
  • For courses not longer than five weeks, 50% of the tuition fees can be refunded to a student cancelling his or her course no later than two (2) days after the course starts.Tuition fees cannot be refunded after this date. The cancellation notice must be in writing. 
  • For courses longer than five weeks but not longer than twelve weeks, 75% tuition fees can be refunded to a student cancelling his or her course no later than five (5) days after the course starts. Tuition fees cannot be refunded after this date. The cancellation notice must be in writing.
  • For courses longer than twelve weeks, full less a deduction for cost incurred by the school minus a  maximum of 25% of the fee total paid can be refunded to a student cancelling his or her course within the first ten (10) working days of their course.  Tuition fees cannot be refunded after this date. The cancellation notice must be in writing. 

If, for the some reason, the school has to cancel the course before the commencement date, we will refund in full the fees paid. If the course cancelled after its commencement date, we will refund pro rata for the weeks not delivered. 

Where payment is received from an overseas study agency, we will pay tuition refund to that agency. Any such agency is considered to be the student’s representative, retailing our school services.

Transfer of tuition entitlements between students is specifically prohibited.

Refunds or enrolment extensions will not be given to students:

  • taking a holiday during their course, unless approved by the Institute

  • arriving later than the course start date, unless approved by the Institute

  • leaving the Institute before the course is finished, unless approved by the Institute

Students enrolled for 6 months or more may have up to 2 subsequent weeks holiday during the course, with the dates of holiday agreed on at the time of enrolment. Changes to these dates can be made at the Institute’s discretion. If the planned holidays are not taken, the course will be shortened accordingly.

If, for the some reason, the students are not able to obtain their visa, we will refund pro rata for the weeks from the date the student informed the school their visa was declined.

Homestay dates are from Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday. If you are staying longer than specified above, please contact us to arrange the additional payment. Homestay fees will be refunded if you move to a private accommodation, if you give us at least two weeks’ notice about the move.

The Institute will not be held responsible for any sickness, damage, injury or loss incurred at the Institute, at the accommodation organised by the Institute, or at any activity or trip organised by the Institute.  It is the student’s responsibility to have adequate insurance to cover medical expenses, repatriation and loss of school fees if the student needs to shorten the enrolment (or cancel the course) as a result of any such event described above.

The Institute reserves the right to amend fees and conditions at any time.


All withdrawal /Cancellation request must be made in writing to the school and signed, dated by the student (or parent for under 18 years old) and presented with supporting documents, such as a letter from Immigration New Zealand or Medical Certificate, giving reasons.

All refunds will be made to the student’s account if the withdrawal request is approved and the student is entitled for any refunds.

Written permission will be requested if the student wish as any refund to be paid the third party. In this case, the school needs to obtain the third party’s identification as well. Whether the refund to the third party is accepted or not will be decided by the school’s fee protection provider (Public Trust) and the school has no power over their decision.

Caring for the Environment

We encourage all our staff and students to follow our caring for environment policy. Our Policy states: 

  • Caring for the local and global environment is carried out at the Institute through daily routine aimed at minimizing resource and through informed purchasing decisions.

  • Recycling paper, glass, and plastic containers, cardboard.

  • Using washable cups, plates and cutlery instead of disposable ones.

  • Reusing one-sided A4 paper as much as possible (for most documents not destined outside)

  • Supporting suppliers and manufactures who endorse sustainable and Eco-friendly policies.

Suggestions and Complaints

We welcome all students to make any suggestion they may have; there is a suggestion box at the reception, feel free to write us any concern and comment you may have. 

You may also send us a suggestion via email by writing to our office ( please use the word ‘Suggestion’ as the subject

Suggestions are confidential and your details will not be disclosed. 


All students have the right to complain about anything in the school. At Aspiring Language Institute we take this very serious, please let us know if you have any question about it. We encourage students to approach to us if you have any concern about our institute 

Is it about your class?

Step 1. Talk to your tutor first. If you are not satisfied with your tutor’s response.

Step 2. Talk to a student counselor. If you are not satisfied with your counselor’s response.

Step 3. Fill the official complaint form (available at the reception) and give it to the Director of Studies or designate.

Is it about your homestay?

Step 1, Talk to our reception first. If you are not satisfied with the reception’s response.

Step 2. Talk to a student counselor. If you are not satisfied with your counselor’s response.

Step 3. Fill the official complaint form (available at the reception) and give it to the Office Manager.

Is it about something else?

Step 1. Talk to our reception first. If you are not satisfied with the reception’s response.

Step 2.Talk to a student counselor. If you are not satisfied with your counselor’s response.

Step 3. Fill the official complaint form (available at the reception) and give it to the Office Manager.

You are more than welcome to bring any support person if you are not comfortable making a complaint by yourselves.

Staff members will listen your complaint without prejudice.

If you did not receive a satisfactory answer in response to your complaint and would like further help, click here to know how to approach the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and seek guidance. 


What can I complain to NZQA about?
What can’t I complain to NZQA about?
  • Course information.
  • Entry and selection procedures.
  • Enrollment procedures.
  • Information or procedures for financial matters.
  • Staff qualifications or skills.
  • Student support and guidance.
  • Programme content, structure or delivery.
  • Equipment and teaching resources.
  • Assessment processes and information.
  • Management practices.
  • An event that took place more than 12 months ago unless the complainant has been actively pursuing the complaint with the provider since it occurred, or the issue has only just come to the complainant’s attention due to circumstances beyond the complainant’s control.
  • Training or education delivered by universities.
  • Appeal of an assessment result – you should follow the provider’s appeals procedure.
  • The private lives of those involved with education and training.
  • Issues currently under investigation, or where a ruling has already been made, by a disputes tribunal
  • Ministry of Social Development matters, e.g. loans and allowances
  • Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) matters, e.g. course-related costs, travel allowance.
Other Matters
School Facilities

Smoking is prohibited in the school at any-time.
You can only smoke outside the building. Do not smoke inside, and do not smoke at the front entrance of the school.  Please use the ashtrays provided and do not leave cigarette butts on the ground or in the flower pots. Smoking is banned from all restaurants, pubs, cafés. Cigarettes can only be sold to people 18 years and over.


The kitchen is for everybody’s use.  Microwaves are available for re-heating (not cooking) food. Tea and sugar are provided in the school kitchen.  Please wash your dishes and cups (plate or bowl) when you finished.

E-mail & Internet

While you are enrolled at our school you can use the Internet free of charge. 

We have computers for student use in students’ common area. Please note that your teacher can also use the computer.  Please do not keep any personal files saved on these machines – we clear any downloaded files from all computers once a week.


There is no telephone for students available. Please use your mobile phone or the phone in your homestay. To make international or toll calls in your homestay, please use a pre-paid international phone card.

Health and Safety Hazard Identification Policy

All staff and students health safety and comfort will be maintained in accordance with relevant legislation.

All operations of the academy will meet the requirements of Occupational Safety and Health in respect of the activities involved, the equipment used, the people involved and the environment in which the activities will take place.