The General English course is the most popular course for our students for whose aim is to improve their English skills. Aspiring Language Institute offers 4 regular different levels from Elementary (Level 1) to Upper-Intermediate (Level 4) though-out the year.

*We offer Beginner or Advanced classes from time to time. Please contact us for more details for those levels.                                  

Level of class

Elementary:   This level is for students who are weak in English foundation and need to obtain daily English skills

Pre-Intermediate:  This level is to help obtain basic communication skills and useful daily English skills. After this level students can communicate with other people in English

Intermediate:  This level focuses on overcoming daily communication barriers in English for students who have already obtained basic communication skills

Upper-Intermediate:  This level is for students who have already achieved a good foundation of English  and want to improve their speaking and listening. This level mainly focuses on topic discussion and overcoming language communication barriers that impede fluency.