Enrolment Procedure

STEP 1. Fill out our Enrolment form

You can enrol through an education/ travel agency in your country. If you prefer to enrol directly, please complete our application form and send it via e-mail. The application form must be signed only by the student (parent or legal guardian for under 18 y/o students)

Application form – English courses including IELTS and NZCEL 

Please make sure you include documents enlisted on the back of your enrolment form

You can also contact us and we will help you with the enrolment procedure.

The Institute reserves the right to decline an enrolment if we consider this to be in the best interest of the student or the Institute.

STEP 2. Offer of Place for an International Student

After receiving your enrolment form we will issue an Offer of place for an International Student.

We aim to issue this document within 24 hours (except weekends); however, failing to supply the required documents may delay your application.

Students outside of New Zealand:
  • Completed and signed enrolment form 
  • Copy of passport  
Students in New Zealand:
  • Completed and signed enrolment form 
  • Copy of passport 
  • Current visa 
  • Progress and attendance report (only for student visa holders) 
STEP 3. Process the payment

After we have received your application form, you will be sent an invoice and an offer letter. All fees are due no later than 7 days before the course begins. Fees can be sent to the Institute to our trust account:

Bank of New Zealand,
North End Branch, 100 Lambton Quay, Wellington
Account Name: Public Trust
Bank Account:- 020 536 030 586 501
Swift Code: BKNZNZ22
Reference No: 8629684TR01 (Please do not forget to put the Reference number when you make a payment)

After your payment has been received, we will send you a receipt. If you are enrolling through an agency, your agency will assist you with the above procedure.

Click here for more payment methods.

STEP 4. Apply for your visa

All international students must hold a valid visa to study in New Zealand. If your course is longer than 3 months you may need to apply for a student visa to study with us.

Once you receive the confirmation of payment you will be able to apply for your Student Visa with Immigration New Zealand, you can lodge the application online or on paper.

Certain countries on the Working Holiday Visa Scheme allow holders to study up to 6 months depending on the scheme conditions.

For short courses (up to 3 months) you may be able to study with us on a visitor visa.

Please contact Immigration New Zealand for further information.

STEP 5. Welcome to New Zealand

Here at Aspiring we want to make sure you enjoy and make the most out of your time here in New Zealand. This country has fantastic offerings to all its visitors.

Auckland is a very beautiful city with lovely beaches, invigorating walks, idyllic holiday islands, outstanding food and wine, great shopping and exciting nightlife.

Your counselor will be in touch with you after your arrival; feel free to contact us if you require to.

If you arrive before you course starts, Immigration New Zealand and Study Auckland have information for international students living this marvelous city, make sure you have a look at it.

Student life in New Zealand 

Study Auckland 

Studying at Aspiring Language Institute



You are expected to attend all lessons and to be on time. You must also comply with the conditions of your permit to stay in New Zealand. If you are persistently absent from school without a valid reason, you will receive a series of warnings which may lead to the termination of your enrolment. Aspiring Language Institute reserves the right to expel any student who breaks the New Zealand law or the school guide rules, including persistent unexplained absence. We will not refund fees in the case of expulsion and we will notify the Immigration New Zealand.


We expect students to respect everyone at Aspiring including your tutors and your fellow students and behave in a responsible way at all times. Usage of mobile phones and tablets is prohibited during lesson time (except for use as a dictionary). Violence, discrimination or harassment of any person on or off campus is unacceptable. If you break a New Zealand law, expulsion will be immediate.


It is important to inform the school immediately when you change your contact deals such as address, mobile number or email address, for both in New Zealand and your home country.



You must have a suitable insurance policy while studying in New Zealand, this also includes students with visitor visa, work permit or a working holiday visa. If you do not have one, Aspiring Language Institute can arrange a suitable insurance for you. The Institute will not be held responsible for any sickness, damage, injury or loss incurred. If you wish the Institute to arrange your insurance, please request insurance application form.  Please note that it’s a condition to hold a valid insurance for most of the visa classes in New Zealand.


You must comply with the conditions on your visa or permit to stay in New Zealand; failing to do so, may bring you unnecessary issues in the future. Aspiring Language Institute has the right to contact Immigration New Zealand if you are not complying with the conditions on your student visa or if you withdraw/cancel or you are expelled from the institute.


Please refer to our Cancellation and Refund Policy on School Policies and Rules for further information. It is part of the conditions of enrollment.